Tees and Quiet

I spent Wednesday helping sort fund raiser tee shirts for football. Eleven boxes in all. 
That's a lot of Eagle apparel. 
Since it's my son's senior year, this will be the LAST time I do this. Not to say it's not been fun, but can I get a woop woop?
 My first son started playing football in the 4th grade and that was around 2004-- four boys, three leagues-- I'm not going to do the math, I'll just say it has been a lot of volunteer time.
 People ask me what I'll do next year. I'm thinking Bermuda in the fall, as long as there are no hurricanes.

Speaking of which, it's been a horrible season for natural disasters. Harvey, Irma...the earthquake in Mexico. Before those, there was horrible flooding and mudslides in Freetown, Africa and also in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.  It doesn't seem like those two tragedies got as much press coverage here in the states, but I saw the images on the internet and it's heart breaking. 
I'm blessed to live in a relatively stable area. I complain sometimes that it's boring, but honestly, it's awesome to live in quiet places.
Besides, West Virginia is a gorgeous place in the fall. The leaves are slowly beginning to change. It's a beautiful time of year here. 
Photo from Go to  WV website: 6 best fall hiking trails in WV
Speaking of the changing leaves...
When I first saw this episode of Family Guy, I didn't quite "get" why people would drive to see trees. Then I visited New York. In a place covered in concrete, a tree is a pretty big deal. Around here, if you fail to mow your lawn often enough, you'll have Maples growing wild in your yard, little tiny ones, of course-- I never wait that long to mow. 

If you haven't seen it, here it is, so you can start your weekend with a smile.

That's my small things check-in. Thanks to our hosts LexaL  .G, and Tonja Drecker for this weekly reminder to look for the good things in life! What good things are new with you? 
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